Simplicity®️ Broadmoor™️ Lawn Tractor by MEK Equipment

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Simplicity®️ Broadmoor™️ Lawn Tractor by MEK Equipment

Having a beautiful, well-kept lawn is what almost every homeowner wishes for. However, one of the most important practices to keep your lawn healthy and attractive is proper mowing. Grass, like other plants, grows quickly and requires clipping of the growing points. But when the plants branch out and become denser with days, it becomes more difficult to keep the grass clean and in good shape. As a result, lawn mowing is necessary for the upkeep of your lawn.

At MEK Equipment, we provide our customers with the best and most dependable outdoor tools and equipment. One of the products we’d like to highlight is the Broadmoor™️ Lawn Tractor.

The Broadmoor™️ Lawn Tractor has what it takes to create the best-looking lawn on the block. And by marrying performance features, like Simplicity’s Free Floating Mower Deck, with comfort features, creating that masterpiece is more like a luxury experience than a chore.

The Broadmoor™️ Lawn Tractor’s features include:

Automotive-like power steering

Reduce steering effort for a more enjoyable cutting or plowing experience with the automotive-like power steering.

Free Floating™️ Mower Deck

Simplicity’s Signature Free Floating™️ Mower Deck follows the contours of your lawn, providing an even scalp-free cut. The full-width rear rollers provide a smooth finish and allow you to create dramatic ballpark-style lawn stripes.

Suspension Comfort System™️

The exclusive rear Suspension Comfort System™️ (SCS) reduces the impact felt at faster mowing speeds. Plus, an ergonomic mesh seat keeps you cool and comfortable.

Deluxe tractor control panel

Everything you need is right on the Broadmoor’s dash. Whether it’s the clock, hour monitor, height-of-cut adjustment, or the easy-to-use push-button start, you will be able to operate the Broadmoor with ease.

Electric height-of-cut

Easily change the cutting height of the mower deck with the simple touch of a switch.

Reliable power and performance

Designed to deliver world-class endurance and power, the Briggs and Stratton PXi Series™️ Engine comes fully featured. Enhanced power, easy starting, smooth and quiet operation, and professional results are just a few of them.

The Broadmoor™️ Lawn Tractor starts at $6199, and it comes with cutting decks ranging from 44” to 52” and is available with either a 23hp or 25hp Briggs and Stratton PXi engine.

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